Briana Mercier

Medium: Metal

Region: Northern BC


Craft was Briana’s first ever love. Although, as a child, she didn’t realize the gift that it would give her later on in adulthood. She was just fascinated by the way her ideas and imagination could transform into material objects. She couldn’t get enough of making pretty and sometimes not so pretty things that her days were full of drawing, painting and daydreaming. It is this passion and fascination for the entire design process that still inspires and motivates her to keep the flow of creativity today. Jewellery is an incredible art form that speaks to her as an artist. It is diverse and three dimensional. It can be displayed in the home for decoration on the mantel or wall or worn on the body to express individuality and style to the world.

Artist Website:

Contact Address:

Urban Alchemy
152 Portage St, Prince George, BC
Instagram @urbanalchemy_jewelry