Monica Gewurz

Medium: Metal

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Born in Lima, Peru, Monica immigrated to Canada where she attended Guelph University and obtained her Masters in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. She has travelled extensively, exploring the role of art in the context of ancient civilizations and the realm of contemporary design.

As an expression of her energy and passion, Monica’s unique silver jewellery reflects the exceptional natural landscape and diverse marine life of British Columbia.

Her focus is to create wearable abstract art that is a fusion of ideas and techniques capturing the essence of natural objects and landscapes. Her creations are intended to invite the viewer to use their visual and tactile senses to experience her work, hence the high relief and texture present in her art work.

People enjoy her jewellery because it is unique, simple, chic and sustainable, complementing any fashion trend. It is “one of a kind wearable art… that is timeless”.


Artist Website:

Contact Address:

Work can be viewed at:
CCBC Granville Island
Marilynn`s West Vancouver
Strapelines apparel West Vancouver
Royal BC Museum, Victoria
Cafe Guido, Port Hardy

Studio Address:
115 Panorama Road Lions Bay