Sachiko Niebler

Medium: Fibre

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Sabrina Sachiko Niebler is a fibre artist, with a focus on creations that are thoughtful, introspective, and meditative. Her work activates a sense of tactility which connects us to ourselves as aware, feeling and physical beings. She works primarily with rice paper, text, yarns, and threads to create delicate and quiet tapestries and weavings. Items from nature, pen work and embroidery are frequently incorporated into her process. Sachiko has a Fine Arts Degree with honours from the Fibre Department, at the Alberta College of Art + Design and received the Board of Governor’s Graduating Student Award. Presently, her continuing creative practice not only brings to life detailed and subtly beautiful work, it is also an act of connecting deeply and authentically to herself and those around her. Originally from Calgary, Sachiko has recently moved to Vancouver to continue pursuing her dreams in art.

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