Niki Holmes

Medium: Clay

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Niki was fortunate enough to have gone to Capilano University before the Studio Art program was cancelled.  She is extremely grateful to the world class instructors and the experience will forever inspire her work.

Niki went on to Emily Carr in 2004 where she met her best friend and ceramics partner, Melissa Hume.  Niki and Melissa have shared studio space ever since.  They each have their own, unique styles but make and share all of their glazes.  Their goal is to one day to have their very own shop in Vancouver’s east side.

A day in their studio usually includes mold making, tool making for bisque ware, throwing and hand building.  It can also include taking a break in the garden that surrounds their studio.  Niki has worked as a professional gardener for thirteen years and is always thinking of ways to incorporate her ceramics into nature.

Niki lives in the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver with her husband (whose name happens to be Clay), her kitty and a goofy bull terrier.  Their little old house is also surrounded by garden and is where their ceramics are set up during the yearly Eastside Culture Crawl.

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