Loris Nygaard

Medium: Glass

Region: The Islands


Loris Dawn creates one-of-a kind pieces of illuminated artwork with intricate cut glass using the copper-foil technique and sculpted wire into fine swirling filigree. She is self taught, influenced by her playful and persistent nature. The attention to detail and quality is her priority. She embellishes her work with rich colour combinations and unique soldering techniques. She has been developing this style for 20 years. Her goal is to expose her artwork through upstanding galleries and organizations such as CCBC. Her illuminated artwork: The Lights that Turn You On creates an outstanding and unique ambience with magical reflections. Her Spirit Feathers are incorporated with antique skeleton keys, optical lenses, watch hands, gears and cogs from the 1800’s. Working with driftwood and seaweed pressed between glass adds to the whimsical design which has evolved into an emotional journey that awakens a sense of freedom for our souls.

Work can be viewed at:

Strathcona Hotel-Victoria, BC.
RossBay Pub-Victoria, BC,
Rogers’ Chocolates-Granville Island, Vancouver, BC
GasTowne, UpTowne, Sidney & OakBay, BC
Marriott Hotel-Azerbaijan
Old Scool House-Qualicum, BC
South Hollow-Courtneay, BC
Martine’s Bistro-Comox, BC

Artist Website:

Contact Address:

274 Alpine Street
Comox BC
V9M 1G2
by appointment only