Damaris Oakley Redroom Art Glass Studio

Medium: Glass

Region: The Islands


My lifelong fascination with glass has lead me to exploring the medium through fusing, torching, and adorning. My obsession evolved to torching my own glass beads and using them as inspiration for my jewellery designs, as well as creating kiln formed glass pieces that are artful, sculptural, and functional.

My inspiration comes from the west coast landscape, specifically, the ocean at low tide, bright and vibrant flowers in the spring, and the contrasting and changing colours of the fall season. These elements present endless stimulation to explore colour and shape, and presents visual elements and interesting contrasts that I incorporate in my work. In addition, my BA degree in history/art history has provided me with a vast understanding of art movements, forms and styles through the ages, which also influence my work.

I create adorning art jewellery and functional kiln formed artglass in Nanaimo, BC on beautiful Vancouver Island.

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Damaris Oakley
Redroom Artglass Studio
Nanaimo, BC V9S 3P2