Keith Rice-Jones

Medium: Clay

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Keith’s original design training rooted in the Arts and Crafts tradition and later hugely influenced by the Bauhaus and Modernism, is evident in his work.
An abiding interest in architecture, ancient cultures and ideas of ritual remain significant influences along with ideas from time working in Japan and Australia.
Parallel to more functional work but still in the vessel tradition are large monumental sculptural pieces. One thrust of these is continuing developing geometrical ideas using in an abstract way elements originally used for functional pieces. Others are scaled-up by coiling, from small, carved maquettes while larger pieces are assembled from smaller elements post firing. These life sized pieces are figuratively suggestive and have some resonance with Totems, Inukshuks and Cycladic figures.
Work in Canadian and International collections.

Artist Website:

Contact Address:

Wildrice Studio
8072 11th Avenue, Burnaby, BC V3N 2N7

Work can be viewed at:
Sopa Fine Arts
2934 Pandosy St
Kelowna, BC