Mark Salusbury

Medium: Wood

Region: Outside BC


Please pause for a moment when you see my work…relax…and interact with the texture and weight. Enjoy the material, the form and the details I crafted for you.

My distinctive creativity originates from within me, made to enhance your enjoyment of daily life.

I begin with a blank block of wood on my lathe. With forethought and long practiced skills I purposefully carve away material to arrive at my envisioned form. This “subtractive” process produces flying curly ribbons of wood before me and a flowing form on my lathe, crafted in harmony with the rich, warm colour and figure unique to each block I select.

With the piece whirling at a blurring pace before me, my eyes and mind are only focused on the shape, the volume and the relationship of the elements. All these facets are within my control, at the tip of the tool in my hand. I’m totally absorbed by the evolving piece and the process…nothing else.

Then the “additive” processes begin, bringing other elements into play. Metal…flame… friction…carving…contrasting materials, finishes and techniques. Each applied artfully, transforming the wonderful form into a bold, unique statement.
Enjoyed worldwide since 1992, my distinctive styling continues to pleasantly evolve.

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Mark Salusbury
Salusbury Studios Ltd.
1496 Sunset Dr.
Cavan, ON
L0A 1C0

705-277-3298 (Phone/Fax)