Rhandi Sandford, Rhandi S. Art

Medium: Mixed Media

Region: Kootenays BC Rockies


Practicing in charcoal, ink, watercolor, acrylic and fiber arts, Rhandi Sandford is a multi-media artist residing in Nelson BC. Pieces construct themselves from mind to paper. Starting with small scale drawings, usually 5×7 in size, and growing into large visuals, most recently, 4 ft by 6 ft in size. Rhandi has been showing her work since 2012 and has been in exhibits in AB and BC. Most recently she has been a visual artist at Tiny Lights Music Festival, and Artswells Festival.

Her work is inspired by her surroundings, whether intentional or not. The men and beasts that roam the towns she lives in, the memories and collections she keeps to herself, and the constant dialogue from visions and dreams.

Delving into the subject matter of the pieces, the main theme would be the mortality of the human race . In the drawings she is showing whimsical scenes representing the naivety that has caused us to be so destructful. There is a curiousity within some of her characters representing the desire in all of us to find out more, and more. She wants to create a feeling of innocence, but also that something is askew. Often a hint of decay, disproportionate bodies, and heavy brooding heads.
She holds nothing more dear than imagination, and wishes to stir it into others.

Works can be viewed at:
VISAC Gallery Trail BC

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Nelson BC