Mike Sasaki

Medium: Wood

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Mike took to drawing early in his life, spending focused hours honing the skill as a child. He was also taught woodworking by his father at an early age. In school he excelled in visual arts and decided to pursue a degree in Design. Mike Sasaki graduated from the Bachelor of Design Honours program at York University / Sheridan College in 2005. He was especially inspired by the bookbinding course due to its hands-on nature.

He then went on to live in Tokyo for 5 years deepening his investigation into Japanese culture and philosophy. There he studied a martial art called Shorinji Kempo which further inspired him to delve deeper into the energetic aspects of humanness. The idea dawned on him one day to dedicate himself to working with wood as his primary discipline where his background in drawing, painting and design could all contribute and he could use his hands to build. He is currently working on abstract forms inspired by inquiries into psychological conditioning, nature of perception and hidden potential.

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