Murray Sluys

Medium: Wood

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Murray’s interest in art began in his teens, in the form of painting in acrylics and experimenting in soapstone sculpture. While pursuing a degree in Forestry, he looked for opportunities to expand his interest in arts by taking carving and sculpture classes. Turning spindles for chairs in night classes was his introduction to woodturning. As Murray continued to dabble in woodturning, he discovered it to be an ideal complement to his initial interest in art. During the past 20 years he has focused on expanding his woodturning skills and ideas through woodturning symposiums and workshops in the United States and Canada. Much of his experience and knowledge is passed on to new woodworkers through classes, woodturning guilds and mentorship relationships.

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Fraser Valley Woodturner’s Guild

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Studio: 49950 Patterson Road, Chilliwack BC