Louise Smith

Medium: Fibre

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


The experience of living in locations as varied as England, Texas, and British Columbia, has given Louise Smith plenty of inspiration for her landscapes.

She stretches silk in a hoop and represents background elements of her composition using silk paint. Then she performs free motion machine embroidery, creating textured foreground elements such as grasses, branches, or moss. “Free motion” means no programming is involved, no pattern is followed, and the stitching is done as spontaneously as painting with a brush. Some pieces also feature hand sewing.

The effect is between two- and three-dimensional and with a glow and sheen unique to the medium of silk and thread. Louise hopes the realism of her work will make the viewer feel present within the landscape, believing that those grasses will tickle their legs, the waves splash them, or the mist dampen their skin.

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Louise Smith
Vancouver, BC