Loralei Snider Lost Arts Café

Medium: Mixed Media

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


In the midst of a world fully immersed in the digital age, Loralei’s goal is to create functional pieces of art that bring people closer to themselves, as well as to each other. The natural beauty of her hand bound leather journals, stitched in a combination of classic medieval styles, bring the bearer back to a time when life was to be savoured, not rushed; they are a reminder to slow down, and soak in the experiences that life offers. They are the antidote to a world full of shortcuts, and the push to get more done in less time. Her journals inspire people to stop and study them, to feel and smell the richness of the leather, and to remember the “good old days,” before computers ran our world. Loralei knows that over time, memories fade – and everyone’s story is important, so why not preserve them in a hand bound book that is made to last?

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Bird On A Wire Creations
Crafthouse Granville Island
Crafthouse YVR Airport
Discover Vancouver YVR Airport
Audain Art Museum Gift Shop