Lenka Suchanek

Medium: Metal

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Lenka Suchanek is a lacemaker and lace artist. She learned lacemaking techniques in Europe and has explored their application in contemporary art and fashion for more than thirty years. Her lace artworks – sculptures, wall pieces and wearable art – have been exhibited worldwide, and received recognition for merging traditional techniques with new materials, craftsmanship with innovation and craft with art.

Lenka works in metal – from copper, bronze and steel to silver and gold – using very fine wires to sculpt lace patterns, one stitch at a time. She enjoys the craft aspect of her work as much as the inspiration and freedom that the medium offers to artists.

Lenka is passionate about keeping fine craft of handmade lace alive. She teaches courses and workshops from beginner to advanced levels and encourages lacemakers to find their unique creative style in the beautiful world of lace.

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