Candace Thayer-Coe

Medium: Mixed Media

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


I am a paper artist using craft and artistic expression to create various works of craft-art. I studied and practiced Japanese and Western methods of papermaking in the Philippine mountains at the Duntog Paper Mill in Baguio City. The rich fibers available in the tropics dance in the water and sing an abundance of inspiration to me.

I have developed many stylized papers. My favorite proved to be the paper that has a very good surface and strength for marbling. I practice Japanese marbling, “Suminagashi” and Turkish marbling, “Ebru” or “Cloud Art”. Marbling has an energy of it’s own, it seems alive as it works with me to provide mystical and uniquely crafted patterns and images with an artistic life.

I studied marbling with, Don Guyot, master marbler and bookbinder from Seattle. I have presented my work in exhibits at galleries in Baguio City in the Philippines, Galiano Island B.C., and Seattle. Now I have come home to continue my marbling quest in Vancouver with my work currently available in Crafthouse, Granville Island, B.C.

My vision is the re-emergence of the ancient craft of marbling and creating an awareness of its artistic capabilities and promise. I will do this through the “Cloud Art” marbling studio I operate to establish the craft of marbling in Vancouver B.C. From my studio I produce unique marbled sheets, on commercial and my own handmade paper. When my expectations of creative expression have been met I frame the piece for showing. Still other marbled papers are turned into personally handcrafted one-of-a-kind decorative boxes, collage art and various types of greeting cards.

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The Cloud Art Studio
2080 West Broadway, Suite 261
Vancouver, BC, V6J 0C7

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