Vanessa Carrington

Medium: Metal

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Vanessa was born in Melbourne, Australia, where she lived for 25 years before travelling abroad. She now calls Squamish home. Following her career as a technical writer, Vanessa decided to switch gears and apply her strategic analysis and problem-solving skills to a new field of work. Impelled by a lifetime curiosity about jewellery construction and a yearning to try a new, more fulfilling career path, she decided to take a leap and study jewellery design and fabrication in Nelson, BC.

As a student of Kootenay School of the Arts, Vanessa is experimenting with organic and geometric shapes, and has developed a knack for designing and fabricating pieces that often fuse art with a smattering of industrial-ness. At first glance, you’ll admire the clean lines and strong form, but upon closer inspection you’ll appreciate her intricate construction techniques.

This is just the start of Vanessa’s journey as a jeweller, but she looks forward to exploring ways of working with familiar shapes in unexpected ways.

Contact Address:

Instagram: @witandsense