Linda Varro

Medium: Mixed Media

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Linda Varro is a self-taught artist who has combined her love of vintage memorabilia and sparkling jewels with a keen sense of functional artistry to create her one of a kind Fantasy Mirrors.

Each signed piece is a thematic compilation, which could include period eyewear, hand painted porcelain, and even vintage motorcycle hardware. Signature pieces such as “Bubblegum Butch Up”, “Cupid’s Closet” and “Pearl Jam” are some of her pieces purchased by collectors from around the world.

As well as her signature mirrors, Linda Varro has been creating opulent jewellery boxes, candelabra and elaborate chandeliers (martini glasses and swizzle sticks … demitasse cups and teapots … even vintage egg cups and ceramic chickens!). Linda Varro’s artwork is truly “one of a kind”!

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