Nancy Walker

Medium: Clay

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


I take a slow ferry ride to my studio every month. This is where my ideas flow the fastest. Maybe it is the short journey with strangers over water that inspires me or maybe it is that pause from familiarity. Settling into a seat by a window I make quick sketches of my passing thoughts, concerns and ideas and resist the temptation to edit. I narrate with my interests in architecture, animation, whimsical folk art, menorahs and moving mechanical toys. I use a rich, dark red clay and colour my pieces with the earthy tones of terra sigillata pigmented clay slips. I work simply. When getting my hands into something so malleable as clay, I fly in the flurry of detail to tell a story with a knowing that less is more, it’s a process that I listen to and take delight in as I explore the juxtaposition between city life and wild life.

”Walker’s ceramic work is a fascinating and joyous evolution. Her hand-built pots feature edges of cut-out, painted houses, their roofs making a jagged, circular skyline. Their colours – ruddy browns, dusty blues, pudding yellows – make them seem like row houses in European fables. Beneath them, in the body of the pot, are floating figures of people and animals. She is never quite sure how they will look, deliberately courting spontaneity. She evokes the conscious and the subconscious, the present and the buried past, the mundane and the mythological.”
– Bettina Matzkuhn

I am a graduate of Simon Fraser University and Emily Carr College of Art and Design where I began hand building in clay. I studied silver and metalsmithing at Universities of Oregon and New Mexico, and fine art at the NE School of Art, Boston, Massachusetts.

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Nancy Walker
c/o CCBC
1386 Cartwright Street
Vancouver B.C. V6H 3R8

Tel: (604) 224-9266