Wesley Harris

Medium: Metal

Region: Outside BC


Wesley Harris enjoys the challenge of working in metal.  It is a resistant material, yet, wonderfully malleable.  When smithing pieces, it excites him to gradually “flow” metal as a plastic solid.  Metal is also a precise material.  Jewellery-making satisfies him immensely due to the accuracy that can be achieved in soldered construction and stone setting.  Often, he cuts and polishes his own stones to match the precision of the metal work.

Wesley also enjoys the challenge of functional design.  The purpose of a piece, its human overtones and its operational requirements are all starting points for a host of creative solutions.  He strives for a fusion of form and function.  As in nature, beauty of form is often synonymous with ability to function.  Wesley tries to create designs that read clearly by reducing and simplifying and using smooth flowing lines that the eye can follow with ease.

Artist Website:
http:// www.wesleyharris.ca

Contact Address:

GALLERIES/SHOPS WHERE WORK CAN BE VIEWED:  Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador Retail Shop