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2018 Evening of Recognition

2018 CCBC Awards
Please join us in celebrating these 4 exceptional individuals who have contributed so much to contemporary craft in BC.

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Robert Jekyll Award

The Canadian Crafts Federation / Fédération canadienne des métiers d’art (CCF/FCMA) is proud to announce the 2017 Robert Jekyll Awardfor Leadership in Craft recipient, Charllotte Kwon.

A business leader, teacher, promoter, non-profit founder and a textile artist in her own right, Kwon has worked for over 30 years to advance the practice and appreciation of textile arts here in Canada and across the globe. An expert in natural dyes, she has traveled the world, studying, teaching, and working with artists in traditional techniques in India, Peru, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and here at home in Canada. Through documentaries, books, workshops and symposiums, she shares her love of textile arts with an audience both in and outside of the craft community.

CCBC Hilde Gerson Award

Established by the Craft Council of BC in honour of Hilde Gerson, who was a long time employee of CCBC, textile artist and an enthusiastic craft supporter, this prize is awarded biannually to a craftsperson who has demonstrated excellence, innovation and leadership in the BC craft community. In 1998, the family of Hilde Gerson initiated a fund in her memory.

The North-West Ceramics Foundation nominated Keith and Celia Rice-Jones for the Craft Council of BC’s Hilde Gerson Award. They felt that it was as life-long partners that Keith and Celia best fulfill the mandate for the award. As individuals, in terms of technical and aesthetic merit, they excel in their chosen medium of clay. As a couple, they have devoted their lives to enriching and furthering ceramics in BC.

CCBC Citizen of Craft Award

People who physically make objects understand that the making is only one aspect of creating culture: we need admirers and friends who are knowledgeable and thoughtful in their reception of our work, and who champion its grand diversity. This award is specifically for someone who is not a professional craftsperson, but without whom the craft community would be sorely diminished.

The Craft Council of British Columbia has chosen Barbara Duncan, to receive the 2017 Honorary Citizen of Craft Award. The CCBC Board nominated Barbara because as curator of the  The ACT Art Gallery she continually demonstrates a great understanding of the significance of contemporary craft in BC culture creation.

Barbara attributes the time she spent in the UK (1984-1995) as pivotal in sparking her interest in contemporary craft.  Through her encounters with exhibitions, makers/artists, teaching and writings on the subject, ‘craft’ became a central focus in her personal, and later, professional life.  In her position as Curator at The ACT Gallery she has actively sought to promote craft on an equal footing with fine art.  She is also a ‘maker’ herself, as, in her personal time, she knits, dyes, spins, and pursues any other textile arts that time and her imagination permit.

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