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Anyuta Gusakova is a Vancouver based innovative multimedia artist, designer and owner of ANYUTA Studio. Trained in European and classical arts, she incorporates traditional methods into new forms and techniques. Her original art collection includes acrylic paintings and sculptures in diverse mediums and scales, from stone to paper and from miniature to public art. Anyuta is a one-of-a-kind creator; yet, in exploring new avenues, she has developed a new line of coveted replicas and designed objects in fine porcelain: ANYUTA. The line brings decorative and unique creations to a wider circle of collectors, while staying true to the artist’s love of modern art, design and exceptional craftsmanship.

artist statement

I am a dreamer.

I have dreams of all sorts:

Happy dreams and dark dreams.

Dreams for children and dreams for adults,

2D dreams and 3D dreams.

They come to me when I sleep or day-dream.

My job is to materialize them in acrylic or watercolor,clay or stone, metal or paper –

Whichever form they want to take.

I help the dreams to escape  from their ethereal kingdom

And fill our world  with their mysterious, irrational beauty.