brittani buettner

brittani buettner

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What would you say if I told you Instagram made Brittani do it? Would you laugh? I know it sounds pretty unreal that a late night scrolling session had the power to change the course of her entire life & land you here…but this is how Brittani’s story as a goldsmith begins. Late one autumn night, she got totally captivated watching videos of a woman in her craft…making, designing, hammering, and refining each piece of gold by hand…Brittani knew she had found her passion.

As a true believer that everything in life happens for a reason, Brittani followed the signs and headed off to Kootenay Studio Arts in Nelson BC two years later.

It’s been four and a half years since Brittani graduated from KSA and she has been sourcing, designing, and finishing beautiful custom pieces of jewellery ever since! Brittani had no clue back then how far she’d run with this crazy passion of hers…but here she is with a grateful heart, fulfilling her life’s purpose and helping others find beauty in a meaningful & intentional way.

artist statement

Scenic Route started out as a collection of hobbies, really. Just like crocheting, sewing, and bookbinding…I’ve always loved to make things with the effort of my own two hands. Back in the day, I would create in between shifts at the local coffee shop and health food store, doing just about anything to get creative!

No matter what project I was working on, I always took great care. Attention to detail has always been my thing…

The placement of each stone, the texture in each simple gold band, the curvature of each line.

When you wear Scenic Route Jewellery, wether it’s the production line or a custom piece, I want you to feel exquisite, nostalgic, and connected. Just like I do while I create it for you.

I hope your piece reminds you of a precious outdoor memory of when you decided to step outside of your comfort zone, and say yes and take the scenic route!