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Caroline Miller has had magpie tendencies for as long as she can remember. Her draw to bright, metallic objects has led her into the world of jewelry, small object design and sculpture.

Since those days she has apprenticed as a silversmith in Uruguay, earned a three-year diploma in Jewellery and Small Object Design and studied in the coppersmithing town of Santa Clara del Cobre in Mexico. She currently is undertaking classes in the Sculpture Department at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Her work and inspiration are derived from the many oddities of personality and its ongoing progression.  Balanced with these flights of fancy are the permanence of geometries, physics and the techniques of a practised silversmith.

She resides in Squamish BC, where she works out of a studio with a view of the Chief and the misty Howe Sound.

artist statement

I consider myself a metalsmith. I apply imagination, mathematics and interpretation to sculpt metal into forms that express line, shape, colour, definition and meaning. I aim to synthesize the beauty of natural elements with the craft and techniques in construction to create pieces that hold a meaning as peculiar as the individual that may wear, look or touch them.

My work revolves around two distinct techniques- forging and construction.

The materials I use are primarily malleable metals: silver, gold, copper and steel. However, I like to meet the precious with the non-precious and I also use plastics such as formica and plexiglass. Additionally, I often incorporate semi-precious stones and materials I have found. 

Many of my pieces have a narrative, where others are simply aesthetic. All share a relationship in the craft of metalsmithing. I would say, in one sense my work is a microscopic study of the world we live in. In another, it is simply part of the world we live in.