chantal cardinal

chantal cardinal

felt à la main with love




Chantal Cardinal’s foundation for the last 25 years has been as a Fashion Designer and Costumer in the film industry. While working in a feIt atelier, she was introduced to wet felting techniques where she discovered the endless possibilities of painting with fibres and falling in love with nature’s renewable gift. This opened her up to the breathtaking ways in which material could be molded and shaped to create endless possibilities of artifacts out of wool. From wearable art to sound-absorbing wall hangings, exploring the textures and properties of wool and what it can shape into has become her full time obsession under FELT à la main with LOVE by CCard.

 She has exhibited in BC, the USA, as well as in the UK, and was awarded a Vancity public art commission for the Surrey City Center Branch.

artist statement

By discovering the ancient art of felting which dates more than 3000 years, I found a medium that will keep me busy for the rest of my life: painting with fibers, draping, sculpting, massaging the mostly wool fibers, and falling in love every time with nature’s renewable gift. Furthermore, connecting with local farmers to source my medium from ethically-minded folks. I am instinctively drawn to this medium as I am drawn to all the patterns and textures found in nature’s architecture which is a constant well of inspiration. My artistic practice focuses on making felted pieces more accessible to homes and business as functional Art (absorbing sound), adding warmth, and of course adding visual impact. Please DO touch, to fully enjoy the nature of my work.