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Elana Sigal was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. She attended The University of British Columbia , Ryerson University and The University of Toronto receiving her BFA from The University of Toronto. Elana is currently a partner at Arts Off Main Gallery in Vancouver.

Elana has been designing and producing hand-felted artworks since 1992. Her work displays a level of sophistication and an original, unique interpretation of fibre art. Her work is very organic in nature and embodies her love of colour, figure, line, texture and abstract form. She expresses herself through her art in a casual and whimsical manner bringing the viewer a sense of ease, contentment and joy. Her inspiration comes from the historic and tribal process of felt making as well as from African art, Matisse, and Klee. Marrying her modern sensibility with the ancient form of felt making she creates art pieces which connect us with the natural world.

Elana welcomes commissions.

artist statement

Colour makes the world go round! Colour evokes emotion from moody blues to passionate reds. I love to use colour to express how I feel about nature’s shapes, forms, lines and textures. I feel my interpretations of fruit bowls, trees, leaves and floral bouquets share a playful and joyous part of my personality which I want to share with the world. The world is full of sadness and conflict and I strive to bring the viewer to a place of harmony, beauty and whimsy.

I love dyeing my own wool and layering wool with different fabrics to create amazing texture and depth.

My newer works are more geometric and abstract and can be combined in any combination desired. You can take my pieces and create your own installation. How fun is that?!