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fiona maclean




Fiona Maclean was born and raised on Vancouver Island and comes from a family full of artists that have made art and craftsmanship front and centre.

She entered Vancouver Community Colleges Jewellery, Art and Design Program in 2013.  During the program she won the Vaccaro Family Scholarship which she used to became a Fellow of the Canadian Gemmological Association in 2016.

She has exhibited her work at Circle Craft, the CJ Expo, VMAAs Manufacture: From the Hand, at North Island College’s Art Event, the Comox Valley Art Gallery and Nocturne.

While at VCC she was awarded the Amulet Gems & Design award and the Anthony Gallop Entrepreneurial award.  This last year she has been awarded multiple scholarships including a BC Arts Council Scholarship of which she put towards finishing her BFA at NSCAD University.

Currently she is residing in Victoria, B.C. working as the in-house instructor at Argentum Jewellery School and Supply and continuing to develop her own body of work.

artist statement

Working with my hands and a deep love of materials are what drive my process.  It is intuitive and reactive; the give and take between the materials, myself and our interaction with the world.  Each piece I create stands as a metaphor that is a communication with the viewer, not just decoration.