gill benzion

gill benzion

ebeniste wood rings


wood | mixed media


Established in 2008, Ébéniste Wood Rings is the creation of Gill Benzion, a Montreal-born artist, craftsperson, musician, and cabinetmaker. Gill explores new and innovative jewellery designs from his Vancouver studio, working primarily with wood and incorporating inlay materials ranging from guitar strings and bicycle cables to crushed concrete and precious stones.

Gill’s journey into the creative inspired him to leave his electrical engineering studies in favour of the study of music. With a bachelor’s degree in music in hand, he began exploring the world of musical instrument construction which subsequently led to a love of woodworking. Gill discovered the world of jewellery along the way and found immense satisfaction in the extremely precise work that it demanded. Deciding to merge his newfound passion for jewellery with his love of woodworking, Gill turned his focus to wood jewellery and never looked back.

artist statement

My craft is my passion, one which I’d like to share with the world. My pieces are intended as functional objects of beauty that seek to circumvent the mass-manufactured norms of the day. My at-times obsessive attention to detail is matched only by the pride I take in my work. Each of my pieces tells a story, combining the timeline of the tree that produced my raw materials with the narrative of the wearer who has chosen a piece that reflects their taste and lifestyle.

I seek to differentiate both my work and myself as a jewellery artist through my materials, which although an unconventional choice, can be visually captivating, comfortable, and durable. The inspiration for my designs take root in traditional wedding bands, and grow based on the materials I come across in my creative explorations.