jaan poldaas

jaan poldaas


Born Jaan Andres Poldaas (1985) named after father’s brother- Jaan Aare Poldaas (1948).

Jaan Andres grew up in the cottage county of Haliburton, Ontario before moving to Calgary, Alberta in 1995. Andres began making glass at ACAD in 2004. He received a BFA, along with the ACAD Board of Governors Award for glass in 2007.

In 2009 Andres moved to Adelaide, Australia to train in the associate program at Jam Factory Contemporary Craft and Design Centre. After living and working in the Jam Factory glass community for over 6 years, Andres returned to Canada in 2015.

 Jaan Andres Poldaas currently lives in Vancouver- practicing out of Terminal City Glass Co-op and working full time at Bocci manufacturing and design.

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