jemma van osch

jemma van osch


Jemma Van Osch is an emerging visual artist working primarily with hot glass. She was raised in Forest Grove, a rural community in British Colombia, and after graduating high school moved to Calgary to attend the Alberta College of Art + Design (now Alberta University of the Arts). Jemma graduated from ACAD with a BFA in Glass in 2017 and moved to Vancouver where she still resides. Currently, Jemma is a full-time glassblower for lighting production studio Bocci, and she is a member of Vancouver’s Terminal City Glass Co-op, where she creates her own work and assists her colleagues in Vancouver’s thriving glass community.

artist statement

I aim to create work that encourages the viewer to pause and appreciate where they are, what they have, and who they are with. I want to talk about community and how we are influenced by our connections.

The dynamic of a group is compelling, it is always shifting to accommodate change.

Function is something I am drawn towards because the use of an object affects our experience. When something is used it becomes a part of life; we have a relationship with the objects that surround us.

The making begins in the hot shop. I enjoy the intensity and focus that is needed for the execution of a piece. I consistently work with one or more people, team work is a huge component to glass blowing for me. The unspoken connection between team mates, as well as the material, is something that I am glad to be able to experience. Perfecting form and learning hand skills are things I am constantly working towards. The learning process will be never ending.