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artist statement

My Photographs are usually taken close to home – mostly in and around my own East Vancouver garden. For over twenty years i have been recording the details of that space and observing how it changes from one season to the next, or even from one moment to the next. A garden is both a physical place and a state of mind. Both can be handed down through families, creating a multi-generational legacy. At the same time, a garden is a place of constant change and fleeting moments of beauty. I try to combine both aspects in my imagery. I try to combine both aspects in my imagery. Recently I have been increasingly distracted from what is growing in the earth by what is going on above – the drama of the sky and its inhabitants. My neighborhood crows and the smaller birds have become frequent subjects for my photography. Much of my work is created by layering images. For example, a botanical subject might be overlaid with textures from my family history-wallpaper, postmarks, snippets of a letter. My crow images are some