linda chandler

linda chandler

we say zed studio

north vancouver

mixed media


L. Chandler is a mixed media artist whose work showcases a variety of fibre art techniques and materials. Outfitted in elegant ensembles inspired by British Columbia’s distinctive seasons, her Pin Girls exhibit an updated interpretation of the traditional clothespin figure. Linda is intrigued by the intersection of past and present as evidenced by the process of repurposing and transforming a common household item in order to create an art form.

artist statement

Creating art has always been a part of my life. Although I ultimately selected another profession, I began my secondary education enrolled in a commercial art program.  Throughout the years I have been involved with teaching art (I was a certified Monart instructor), volunteer opportunities where I developed art projects and taught the necessary skills to complete them, as well as writing how-to books and articles (I’ve been published in AmericanGirl, Highlights, and Ladybug magazines, and my book Micro Minis: Create Teeny Tiny Rooms With Your Own Style and Flair was published in 2004 by American Girl).