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Monica Berdin altered her pursuits in life shortly after graduating from the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Architecture with a Bachelor of Interior Design. With an opportunity to travel to Cairo, Egypt with UBC, School of Architecture, Monica was taken with traditional Bedouin jewellery and realized a common thread through out her life had been jewellery. Upon her return, she enrolled in the Jewellery Art & Design program at Vancouver Community College. Armed with a firmly entrenched design process, Monica graduated from VCC’s program with Best Technical Merit & Display award in year 1 and Best Overall Achievement in year 2. Monica has sold her work through retail boutiques, charity organizations and conferences and exhibited her work in BC.

artist statement

Due to my formal education in architecture and design, I automatically go to the technicalities of form and function. It is when I take my designs to a place beyond the embedded rigour that I feel a language is born. My work is focused on simplicity, form and the boldness of unexpected details. I believe there is universality in all things that are designed, understood and revered. It is the fusion of these two worlds I am drawn to and try to achieve with each project I take on.