nadine flagel

nadine flagel

pretext studio




artist statement

I practice the sustainable textile arts of rug hooking and quilting. Rug hooking involves using a hook to pull strips of fabric through an open-weave linen backing in a series of loops. By finding new uses for discarded garments, I stage a creative intervention in cycles of consumer consumption and the production of so-called waste.

Yet efficiency does not have to mean grey austerity. Cozy, enveloping textile art makes sustainability not merely a philosophical or ideological commitment but also an appealing, sensual experience of nurturing, durable warmth.

Though largely self-taught in the textile arts, I have formal training in literature and composition. As an academic instructor and mother, I bring passion for clear communication and education to my work. I align my work with that of people who recognize rug hooking as a craft and even an art form rather than as a hobby.

I am a member of the Vancouver Guild of Fibre Artists.