niki holmes

niki holmes


Niki was born in Burns Lake British, Columbia.  She moved to Vancouver in 1999 to attend art school and pursue her passion for ceramics.  To pay for school, she became a landscaper, and eventually, a garden designer.  Her love for plants and gardening can be seen through her ceramic portfolio just as her gardens will often have carefully placed pots and creative ceramic touches.  Niki graduated from Capilano University, Emily Carr and the Garden Design program at UBC.  She has participated in the Vancouver craft market scene for over 10 years and designed gardens all over the lower mainland.  She has participated in the Eastside Culture Crawl for over a decade and has one of the studios open for First Saturday Open Studios, an ongoing event in east Vancouver.  She works out of her home studio in Strathcona and welcomes visitors into her little shop/gallery next door.  

artist statement

I make absolutely everything I can with clay, there are no boundaries.  My kitchen backsplash tiles, cupboard knobs, lights and dishes are all handmade.  I also make sculpture for the garden, buttons and jewelry.  If I didn’t live in rainy, permitty Vancouver, I would have built a cob house to live in.  Clay is what I see when I close my eyes at night. My husband’s name is Clay.
I work on and off the wheel with about five different clay bodies and fire to cone 5 in an electric kiln.  I am inspired by nature and I like to use textures and stamps on my work that celebrate all things in our natural environment.  My goal when making is to bring a bit of joy to our everyday.