ocean wilson

ocean wilson

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Ocean’s art career has spanned over 20 years taking her to many places and many art projects. Using different mediums such as leather, metal, natural fabrics and weaving, Ocean has created installations and personal one of a kind works of art. Always on the path of learning and exploring, Ocean’s art is constantly in motion.

artist statement

I am a Canadian artist currently based on the Sunshine Coast, B.C.

I have been sewing and creating a wide range of things for the past 20 years. From intricately detailed wearable art to custom marine canvas. Anywhere my skills and interests take me. I use many different materials, some of my favourites are natural fibres such as hemp, linen, silk, wool and leather. I also love gemstones and metals. I’m always looking for new inspiration, materials, and ideas to create interesting works of art. I grew up all down the west coast of Canada and the US reaching as far down as San Diego. Also having my time in the east I lived in the bay of Fundy NS, Toronto, Long Island and Brooklyn NY. I am now located in a small sea side town on the west coast of Canada. I see the waves come rolling in every day from where I live and dream of far off lands and all the beauty of the world. I am continually inspired by the sea and sometimes I even get the honor of seeing whales and pods of dolphins.