rg handcrafted goods

rg handcrafted goods


We create simple and useful designs for people like us who have a sense for fashion and whose styles do not fit commercial retail options. RG’s goods were given time and thought and were crafted into unique pieces to give your senses the pleasure of carrying a fine leather product. Our designs stand out from gender and age stereotypes and we appeal to all those who like natural elements and practicality. We use our craftsmanship to make custom made products and bespoke orders, so get in touch if you feel like being an RG designer for a day.


artist statement

My name is Rodney and I am RG’s maker. Coming from a mechanical engineering background, I found myself passionate for crafts and arts since my childhood. I am a self taught individual with a lot of patience and attention to details. My work is just an expression of who I am.

Our goods are made using high quality leather that was mainly tanned with tree barks and other natural elements. Every piece is fully cut and stitched by hand then finished with our all natural, in-house made, leather conditioner. Few months after you start exposing your RG leather to air and skin oils, a beautiful patina will start forming naturally. The leather will become darker with a soft sheen while exposing natural markings such as scarring, blemishes and stretch marks.