russell hackney

russell hackney


Russell’s father and grandfather both worked in the pottery industry of Stoke-on-Trent, England and he entered the family business aged 16 and began modelling shapes and in particular embossment designs for all kinds of clients: large factories such as Dudson Duraline and Royal Stafford Tableware and also collaborated with small design firms, artists and potters. His most notable work was modelling a clock for Her Majesty the Queen, which incorporated classical figures and was presented to the Queen in 1999. Russell took 3 years away from the family business for his fine arts degree and then after 15 years working in the ceramic industry of Stoke he moved to Canada with his wife for adventure and to expand his personal artistic freedom.

Over 14 years working at his studio in Vancouver (and now Bowen Island also) he has worked consistently – designing and making his own work as well as offering a service to the clay community.

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