sachiko niebler

sachiko niebler

sabrina sachiko


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Sabrina Sachiko Niebler is a fibre artist who makes delicate, calming, paper weavings. She embeds the fibres with her reflections by composing poetry and weaving it into a thoughtfully rich fabric. Her process involves the transfer of her words to rice paper through handwriting, typing, or screen-printing, then cutting and spinning the paper into yarn, and weaving with it. The words and tactility of the fibres play their part in bringing us back to ourselves as aware, feeling, physical beings. Sachiko has a Fine Arts Degree with honours from the Fibre Department, at the Alberta College of Art + Design and received the Board of Governor’s Graduating Student Award. Presently, her continuing creative practice is an act of connecting authentically to herself and others through her detailed and subtly beautiful work. Originally from Calgary, Sachiko has recently moved to Vancouver to continue pursuing her passions in art.

artist statement

Much of my creative process involves self-reflection, and transformation of this awareness into poetic phrase and intimate art pieces. My work is about creating a calm and subtle space for myself and others to find quiet inner connection. Rich with depth and meaning, the details within my creations are constantly presenting themselves as the viewer spends more time with the piece and with themselves in reflection.

I create through my enjoyment of tactility and meaningful handwork, and love working with time-intensive, repetitive processes that become second nature to my hands. The processes of writing, printing, spinning and weaving have these qualities as I am often repeating the same words and actions over and over again throughout the processes. These repetitive motions become a meditation. It is my way of sitting with the thoughts, processing and giving them space to exist and be seen. Each small act builds upon each other and comes together to form a larger statement of patience and perseverance.