sasha arkhipova

sasha arkhipova





Growing up, Sasha was exposed to the artistic process from an early age. Brought up in a family of creatives she was surrounded by art, fashion, architecture and alternative music as she developed her passion for form and material exploration. During her formative years she spent most of her spare time absorbing the curiosities of her native Russia attending various galleries, exhibits and watching classic and progressive films.

 Sasha started working with jewelry because of her love for tactile experiments. It pulled her for the opportunity to create dynamic and wearables items. She has been working with various synthetic and natural materials over the last decade. Her fascination with the surrounding West Coast landscapes has led Sasha to explore leather and its natural tendencies as the material of her choice. She is moved by the intent that all the bits and pieces of this sacrificed material should be saved from the landfill.

artist statement

My design is born in the process of creation. The drive comes from the constant study of material while experimenting with ways and treatment. Influenced by a combination of strong and linear structures found in architecture and urban environment and delicate textures and pattens of Mother nature. I intend for my jewelry to be simple and sophisticated, easy to wear, soft to feel. The carefully handcrafted jewelry pieces are made of consciously used up-cycled leather.

The pieces are designed to be worn both, independently and can be combined with others. They are light in weight, and have a pleasant and organic feel.

My technique is hands-on, I use very few tools, as it gives me more autonomy over the process. I cut individual leather sequins, form them and apply treatment made from all natural materials such as bees wax and tragacanth gum. For many of my collections I alter the texture and the shape of the leather by applying heat. All the hardware used is hypo-allergenic stainless steel and sterling silver.