susan delatour

susan delatour




Susan Delatour was born in New York, USA in 1954. She received her B.A. in Arts, Crafts and their History from the University of California at Santa Cruz, in 1976. Susan did post-graduate studies at the Sun Valley Centre for Arts and Humanities in 1976-77 and moved to Canada permanently in 1978 where she attended The Banff Centre for the Arts in Alberta for 2 years. She became a Canadian citizen in 1996. Susan’s unique ceramic sculptures have been exhibited nationally and internationally including in the United States, Scotland, Taiwan and Korea. Susan presently lives in Princeton, British Columbia, Canada.

artist statement

Over the years I have developed a deep passion for creating ceramic sculptures which breathe mystery and allegory. My pieces honour animals, people and places that have touched me in a deep way, telling my story of where life has taken me so far. I create in clay to explore my ever changing life’s experiences through narrative, form and colour, shaping a work of art that speaks of strength and confrontation and often whimsy.

I hand build and smoke-fire or raku  many of these sculptures, to evoke a timeless quality and a sense of history. I create figurative shadows which allude to past generations as well as  random flashing of smoke patterns to enhance the mystery and spontaneity of the sculpture.