artist studio tour – granville island

artist studio tour – granville island

a behind-the-scenes into the arts community on granville island

september 10, 2023

11:45a - 1:30p

granville island

As part of the 41st Annual Symposium of the Canadian Society of Decorative Arts (CSDA-CCAD), the Craft Council of BC is hosting a tour through local artist studios on Granville Island. Visitors will be welcomed into the studios, meet the artists and take a closer look at the spaces where the creative work happens.

Granville Island Broom Company was founded by the Schwieger family from Kootenay Lake. Growing up in the region meant learning practical hand skills and creating lasting tools and household items, including Broom making. The family opened their shop on Granville Island and they’ve been making brooms ever since. The brooms are made in the shaker style using traditional tools and methods coming from the eastern USA.

These brooms are a bit of a local legend, as they are popular for wedding or new home gifts, and folks from around the world take them as souvenirs.


Originally opened under the name New-Small and Sterling Studio Glass, what is today Vancouver Studio Glass was founded by David New-Small and Nora Sterling in 1984. Both Americans, David New-Small studied math & chemistry at UC-Santa Cruz, and moved to Vancouver to begin studying glass. He eventually joined forces with Nora Sterling, a transplanted New Yorker with a passion for craft, and they approached Granville Island about establishing a glass studio.

Benjamin Kikkert joined the studio in 2013 and after a period of collaboration David retired in 2016, passing the Studio on to Benjamin. Born and raised in Vancouver, Benjamin graduated from the craft and design program at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. He worked extensively throughout Canada before completing an extended residency at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. 

A blacksmith and an artisan, Miran specializes in sophisticated design, making unique wrought iron staircase railing, fences and gates, wrought iron furniture, gazebos and balconies.

His metal home ornaments include a variety of wrought iron candle holders, lighting fixtures, curtain rods, mirrors and more, forged specifically for you.

Search & Rescue Apron Co. focuses on creating luxury aprons for a variety of professions. They are on a mission to empower skilled professionals in the service and hospitality industry with our premium, customizable aprons that offer both style and function. They fully customize the materials and functionality of aprons to fit the needs of different industries and brands.

Propellor is an independent, Vancouver based multi-disciplinary design studio. We thrive on the challenge of creating useful, beautiful and ecologically minded objects and experiences. The work spans a broad range of disciplines from lighting and furniture design to spatial design and sculpture.

Every project that leaves the studio is the product of collaboration. “Working together takes us places creatively that we wouldn’t think of going alone. We also love to collaborate with our clients. Whether it is working with an architect to design the perfect lighting fixture or table for an interior or with a museum on the design of an exhibition, we thrive on the exchange of ideas.”

Propellor studio prioritizes sustainability in its creations, and daily practices.

Founded in 1986 by Peter Braune, New Leaf Editions is a printmaking studio specializing in art printmaking in various techniques. From Edmonton, Peter began teaching himself screen printing in high school, before attending the Alberta College of Art (ACA) and eventually attending Emily Carr to become a Master Printer. Peter will often talk about how print media as a proletariat art form. It was created to make text and imagery available to more than one person. He says “that’s why in printmaking we make multiples.”