ccbc installation program

ccbc installation program

We showcase creative installations that consider viewers outside and within the shop in order to engage and evoke discourse on the role of craft in a compact environment. The  installations are meant to encourage  interaction, excite curiosity,
and add a focal point of interest to our space.

We invite the public to visit these installations at our gallery and shop space. They can be viewed from outside during a stroll,
but visitors are welcome to come in, take a closer look and interact with the installation. 

Are you an artist? Submit your proposal for the installation program.

2024 installations

2023 installations

molinari mimesis

This project continues Tracy Susheski’s dedication to crochet Guido Molinari’s paintings. As his student at Concordia she employed his manifesto “painting should neither represent nor deal with the object, but on the contrary, should attempt to become an object itself” thus solidifying her defense of crocheting in a painting class.

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vancouver rain

experience drawing and mark
making in novel ways.
sherida charles

on view in gallery: june 1 – june 30, 2023

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2022 installations

year of glass

honouring glass — a transparent and enabling material.
terminal city glass co-op

on display in gallery: january 13 – febuary 28, 2022

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her garden

a collection of embroidered collages.
homa khosravi

on view in gallery: march 1 – march 31, 2022

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dreams of flight

flying is freedom, flying is joy,
flying is magical, flying is escape.
hope forstenzer

on display in gallery: april 1 – april 30, 2022


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dance:craft installation

an installation of the work featured in dance:craft
craft artists: patrick christie, stefanie dueck, deb dumka, hope forstenzer & debra sloan
dance: heather dotto & joey matt
choreography: joe laughlin
VR: claire sanford

on view in gallery: june 10 – july 26, 2022

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moss art

the beauty of nature at home.
anna vagramova

on view in gallery: july 28 – august 29, 2022

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2021 installations

the sewing box

the discovery of a discarded sewing box.
jenny judge

on view in gallery: november 18, 2020 – january 10, 2021

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kickin’ it

a series of funcitional ceramic shoes.
charmian nimmo

on view in gallery: july 15 – august 19, 2021

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tea in the wood

the forest and the warm cup of tea have the ability to nurture and bring connection.
bev ellis

on view in gallery: may 6 – june 15, 2021

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dancing lights

an installation of whimsical lights, illuminating the Gallery’s windows during the darkest months of the year.
umbra & lux

on view in gallery: december 1, 2020 – february 28, 2021

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20 20 installations

beneath the Salish Sea

a selection of the 113 marine species that have been listed as being endangered or of concern.
debbie katz

on view in gallery: june 19 – august 31, 2020

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2019 installations

jewellery series

explorations of details, shadows, concealment, isolation, and captivation.
clarissa long

on view in gallery: october 8 – november 30, 2019

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