installation program

ccbc window installations

We showcase creative installations that consider viewers outside and within the shop in order to engage and evoke discourse on the role of craft in a compact environment. The window installations are meant to encourage  interaction, excite curiosity, and add a focal point of interest to our space.

During the COVID19 pandemic restrictions, you are welcome to view our window installations  from a safe distance outside, or to come in to take a closer look following guidelines for a safe visit.  Learn more to plan your visit.

Are you an artist? Submit your proposal for the window installation program.

window installations 2022

a life in clay

sharon reay tells us about her journey to become a ceramicist as her installation ‘Illuminating Autumn’ opens in our window gallery.

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year of glass

“Year of Glass” celebrates the work of three glass artists from Terminal City Class Co-op in honour of the United Nations declared Year of Glass | January 13 – February 28, 2022

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her garden

With this collection of embroidered collages, artist Homa Khosravi reflects on her personal experience of grief, gender, femininity and the relationship shared between human and nature | march 1 -31, 2022

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dreams of flight

flying is freedom, flying is joy, flying is magical, flying is escape

window installation
hope forstenzer | april 1-30, 2022

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moss art

moss art: the beauty of nature at home
anna vagramova
window installation
july 28 – august 29, 2022

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window installations 2021

the sewing box

“The Sewing Box” is an installation by artist Jenny Judge focusing on the discovery of a discarded sewing box | november 18 – january 10, 2022

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kickin’ it

“Kickin’ It” is a series of funcitional ceramic shoes by Charmian Nimmo that animate the window with movement | july 15 – august 19, 2021

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tea in the wood

“Tea In the Wood” consists of six sculptural tea pots, and one large birch sculpture by ceramic artist Bev Ellis | may 6 – june 15, 2021

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dancing lights

“Dancing Lights” is a installation by Claudine Gévry and Jean Gélinas from Umbra & Lux Studio | december 1, 2020 – february 28, 2021

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window installations 2020

window installations 2019