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gift guide

how to gift contemporary craft

with the craft council of bc

who is the gift for? for what occasion?

Craft is emotional! Think about the person you are buying for - what feelings come to mind when you think of them?
What do you like about them, why do you relate to them,
what makes them special?
In the end, a gift is always a reflection of your relationship
with another person.

okay, how much do you really like this person?

Just kidding!
A great, thoughtful gift can be found for any budget. Telling shop staff your budget can help them narrow the search for you.
When understanding pricing, consider the nature of handmade gifts. An individual is behind each piece, and they crafted it with skill and care. This informs the pricing of contemporary craft.

what is their style?

Consider what they wear and how they decorate their home.
Try thinking about aesthetic in binary terms: often an individual will lean towards gold or silver; colours or neutrals; practicality or novelty.
There is a lot of overlap in aesthetics, even within the same piece of craft. Often an individual’s overall aesthetic may be a combination of several individual aesthetics – if you can’t choose one, think of their top two!


neutrals & earth tones · simple lines · organic shapes · functional pieces · calm, clean, neat


bold shapes & colours · colour blocking, textures, patterns · statement pieces · one-of-a-kind items · work with interesting stories or meanings behind them


chic, sleek, cutting edge · blacks, whites, chromes, silvers · architectural shapes · conceptually challenging aesthetic · references to art movements or ideologies


sweet & thoughtful · understated details · charming imagery · symbolic · fun colours & forms

what is the nature of the gift?

Does your loved one prefer the practical and functional?
Have they mentioned that special piece they just can't stop thinking about?
Do you want to evoke a memory or feeling with your gift?


useful in everyday life: cooking, clothing, storage · mugs & cutlery · minimalist jewellery · wallets & bags · garments


something someone might not buy for themself · bold jewellery · sculptural pieces · ornate vessels · hanging & framed textile work


a piece of craft that reminds you of them, or of a special time · souvenirs · imagery like hearts · animals that reflect your relationship to someone · favourite colours

craft is tactile!

What is your loved one's go-to material?
Think about the dominant materials they use to decorate their home,
and what they wear.
You could pick their go-to material, or introduce them to a new medium!


often functional & practical · range of prices · can evoke feelings of grounding & comfort


functional & aesthetic · playful colours & patterns · visually dynamic


appeals to curious minds & tactile thinkers · range in types of wood · evokes the natural world


jewellery & cutlery · refined · industrial · high quality materials can be more expensive · symbolic


subtle, soft & comforting textures · framed pieces · sculptural work · wearable items · paper cards
Still stumped? We have gift cards!