Window Installation by Clarissa Long, 2019
made by hand

made by hand - a contemporary way to recognize excellence

Giving a gift on behalf of your organization can be a tremendous way of expressing appreciation to clients, suppliers and staff. Choose from our wide selection of handmade contemporary BC craft to give unique and timeless gifts that also align with corporate values of sustainability and social responsibility.

employee gifts

Employee appreciation and holiday gifts.

employee recognition gifts

Recognition, service, achievement, and retirement awards.

speaker and event gifts

Conference presentation, speaker and conference panel gifts.

office décor

Wall art, sculptures and more to create interest and ambiance. 

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Kidney Foundation - glass award
“We wanted the award to reflect the spirit of our [Citizen’s Leadership] initiative. What better way than to highlight and support the work of a BC artist.

Through the guidance and assistance of the craft council of British Columbia, Vancouver-based artist Hope Forstenzer was commissioned to create a beautiful and meaningful sculptural glasswork to serve as the award.

I would like to thank the Craft Council of British Columbia for their support and encourage you to consider the commissioning of work by BC artists for your corporate recognition needs.”

Dr. Karen Philip, Executive Director
Kidney Foundation - glass award
“The work I did for the Kidney Foundation was an amazing experience on many levels.
It was an opportunity that I would never have had if not for CCBC. Also, it was a chance to use glass to do work for a great cause.

It shows what happens when craft becomes part of the greater community and how it celebrates itself.”

Hope Forstenzer, CCBC Artist Member
Criminal Justice Branch of BC - staff gifts
“I am a wood turner and, as a CCBC member artist. I was delighted to be commissioned to provide items for the Corporate Program earlier this year.

The items were sixteen 9-inch bowls in English Walnut ordered as annual service awards. It is gratifying that thought was given to supporting local craft and I derive considerable pleasure in knowing that things I make are appreciated and put to good use.

The Corporate Program deserves to flourish and continue to provide a useful link between local artists and the Corporate community for the provision of various forms of gifts and presentation items.”

Michael Hamilton-Clark, CCBC Artist Member

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