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hand in hand with technology

Rachael Ashe’s cut works from paper are often met with amazment – How is it possible that something so repetitive and precise is created by hand? In her latest blog entry for the CCBC Rachael reflects on this common perception of her work and the role technology plays in her practice.

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artist interviews

meet Rachael Ashe

In advance of her upcoming CCBC gallery show, we asked artist Rachael Ashe to share with us a with us a bit about herself, her inspiration, her audience and her other projects.

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ccbc gallery

review: interface

CCBC member and participating artist Barbara Heller takes a minute to review the latest installment of Tapestry Touring International.

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ccbc gallery

tapestry touring international

Jane Freear-Wyld creator and organizer of Tapestry International shares with us how the non-profit organization came to be. In advance of Interface, the latest touring tapestry exhibiton, Jane alludes to the collective labour that goes into making an international exhibiton happen.

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ccbc gallery

review: snagged

in her review of Snagged creative fiber artist and tapestry weaver Barbara Heller expands on the innovative approach to rug hooking that Nadine Flagel has used in the creation of her exhibition.

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