Being Seen Interview – Sharon Sabatino Bradley

Being Seen Interview – Sharon Sabatino Bradley

I’m a jeweller and artist. I think I was first drawn to jewellery through a love of sculpture and architecture. Jewellery making allowed me to play with creating three dimensional forms, without needing, say a two ton block of marble.

My creative process generally involves obsessively thinking about an idea and researching extensively, ruminating on this material for days or weeks, experimenting and getting incredibly frustrated, until I’m finally forced to step away from it – and only then, hopefully, do I get some perspective and a clear image forms of what I’m trying to do. That’s the point at which I can get the work done. It’s not always the most pleasant experience initially, but it generally works. I wish I had a more romantic story of being struck by inspiration in the form of a fully realized idea! Deadlines also seem to speed up the creative process, haha.

What are some of your inspirations?

I don’t think I ever specifically wanted to be an artist; I’m just a curious person with diverse interests, and making art is a way to engage and experiment with a variety of ideas and mediums.

How would you want the audience to respond to your work?

A lot of the pieces I make are on the larger side. They purposely have a significant weight and heft to them, through which I hope the audience or wearer experiences a sense of awareness and strength. I like the idea of jewellery as armour, as power, or even just as a reminder of our physicality. I enjoy extremes – I personally don’t wear a lot of jewellery in everyday life, but when I am wearing jewellery, I want it to be seen and felt.

Are there other work you’re involved in?

In addition to my jewellery training, I have a degree in Art History, which had led to a career working with a variety of visual arts, theatre, and literary organizations. In my free time, I like to be outdoors as much as possible. I hike with my dog, and dig in my garden. Spending time in nature definitely helps the creative process.

Be sure to stop by the CCBC Shop & Gallery to see Sharon’s jewellery pieces as part of the current emerging artists exhibition, on now till March 14.

You can also see more of Sharon’s work on Instagram at @blackfieldmetal and on her website