CCBC Gallery


october 1 – november 12, 2020

opening reception:

thursday, october 1, 7-9pm, CCBC Gallery (to be confirmed)

artist talk:


Fia Cooper

1: close or intimate relationship; an affinity for a place or situation
2: possession; something owned, occupied, or controlled

Exploring the relationship of the material and immaterial in objects and individuals, with an ornithological appreciation

Belonging is a series of sculptures exploring themes of attachment, significance and influence. The desire to belong is universal, arguably the basis of existence and central to survival. Attachment is the principle at the core of this, as themes of allegiance and ownership play out constantly in the world around us.

Made primarily with metalworking techniques paired with mixed media, birds and bird-related objects are incorporated into works that reflect stages of attachment. Bird species perform as proxy for the human dynamic, suggesting that we are not alone in our need to connect and belong.

book for private viewing for maximum 6 people