citizen of craft award

citizen of craft award

citizen of craft

community award


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june 1st, 2022

People who physically make objects understand that the making is only one aspect of creating culture: we need admirers and friends who are knowledgeable and thoughtful in their reception of our work, and who champion its grand diversity. This award is specifically for someone who is not a craftsperson, but without whom the craft community would be sorely diminished.

The first Honorary Citizen of Craft Award went to Sheryl MacKay for her enthusiastic, long-term support for the craftspeople of this province. By celebrating their work, Sheryl invites a broader audience to understand the skill, intelligence, and heart of our community – much broader than we could ever cultivate ourselves. The Craft Council of British Columbia is devoted to gaining recognition for this vibrant territory within the arts sector and we are deeply grateful for Sheryl’s ongoing appreciation.

past award winners
2021 – Morley Faber
2020 – Allen Collier
2019 – Celia and Keith Rice-Jones
2018 – Barbara Duncan