molinari mimesis

molinari mimesis

tracy susheski 

november 6 – december 5, 2023

ccbc shop & gallery

about the installation

This project continues my dedication to crochet Guido Molinari’s paintings. As his student at Concordia I employed his manifesto “painting should neither represent nor deal with the object, but on the contrary, should attempt to become an object itself” thus solidifying my defense of crocheting in a painting class.

We acknowledged the similarities of our work: his rhythmic painted panels of acrylic colour onto canvas and my rhythmic hooking of acrylic yarn into an object. However, his context was the academic & patriarchal art world while mine aimed to overturn that world’s rejection of activities usually ascribed to the domestic, ‘leisurely’ female.

On Nov 6th I will install myself in the front window at the Craft Council of BC and begin crocheting a Molinari painting. As the days progress, the community will interact with and observe the on going labour and growth of the object, or ‘painting’, filling the space around me.

Tracy Susheski is a multi-disciplinary artist. She has exhibited oil paintings, crocheted paintings, candy public works, site-specific installations, sculptures and performances. She is currently planning her 2024 crochet work and is painting digitally with her iPad.