header image: Carmel Boerner



in partnership with the vancouver metal arts association

on view in gallery: march 12 – april 23, 2020

on view online

opening reception: 7:00p, march 12

ccbc shop & gallery

Jewellery has a longstanding place in history, commonly referenced as being society’s first display of ornamentation and self-expression. Jewellery, as any other art form, has developed over centuries, following trends, movements, methods and materiality of the respective contemporary times.

The CCBC Gallery is currently closed due to COVID19. You can now view this exhibition online.

Among those markers in history though, there are always artists and craftspeople who seek to forge a different path, one not among the status quo. Whether through concept, material or technique, this exhibition celebrates the disruptors in the field of Canadian contemporary jewellery and metal arts.

Sonia Beauchesne, Winter Morning II - Salt, silver
Holland Houdek Combined - Porous Femoral Component & Acetabular Cup with Encrusted Liner (FULL hip replacement)

The artists in this exhibition have pushed, pulled, forged and melted typical expectations of adornment; to disrupt the structure of norms.

Disrupt is an exhibition that celebrates how artists use their creative practice to explore and discover new materials, techniques and the status quo. The Vancouver Metal Arts Association, in partnership with the Craft Council of British Columbia, presents this exhibition from March 12 to April 23, 2020 at the CCBC Gallery in celebration of 2020 – the Year of Craft. This international show features 32 disruptive artists from all over Canada, the United States, Israel, New Taipei City and Israel.

Angela Adair, The Wolf - recycled sterling silver, copper plating